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49ers not credentialed for UCLA-USC

I’m guessing they’ll be watching though.

The 2017 college football season is fast coming to a close, and that means we are running through some of the big remaining matchups. This weekend features one ranked vs. ranked matchup (Wisconsin vs. Michigan), but it also features a game most draftniks will be watching: UCLA vs. USC.

The SoCal rivalry game will see Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold square off for the final time in college. They are two of the projected top picks in the 2018 NFL Draft. This game won’t make or break their draft status (aside from any significant injury), but it gives fans and arm-chair scouts a chance to compare the two as they go back and forth.

Plenty of teams will be on hand to watch the game, but at the moment, the San Francisco 49ers are not one of the 20 teams credentialed for the game. USC released a list of NFL teams with a credential.

This really is not a noteworthy story, but it still amuses me a little bit. A team does not need scouts on hand to actually assess what goes down in a game. There will be plenty of film for them, so this is not really a missed opportunity for the 49ers. And the teams that are on hand are not just watching the quarterbacks. There are quite a few notable talents teams will be watching at this game.

All this is to say, feel free to talk about the prospects in action, or go back to your regularly scheduled lives.