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Blaine Gabbert vs. Tom Savage: Over/Under on combined completion percentage, total turnovers

It’s time to have some fun with horrible football.

The Arizona Cardinals announced on Friday that quarterback Blaine Gabbert will start this Sunday against the Houston Texans. Drew Stanton suffered a knee sprain last week, and his status moving forward is unknown.

Gabbert and the Cardinals are traveling to face the Houston Texans, who are starting Tom Savage once again. After Deshaun Watson, Savage moved into the starting lineup, with T.J. Yates serving as his backup, and Josh Johnson as the No. 3 quarterback. So yes, we get Gabbert vs. Savage in a matchup where the drama surrounds just how bad the two of them might be.

Gabbert’s career completion percentage is 56.0, and he has a combined 50 turnovers in 43 games. Savage’s career completion percentage is 54.1, and he has a combined 10 turnovers in nine games. These are not good quarterbacks, in case that was not already clear.

We can talk on and on about the fact that they are playing and someone like Colin Kaepernick is not getting workouts. But how about for this one, we focus on just how crappy they are on their own? It’s over/under time!

Let’s combine the two of them together. I’ll set the over/under for combined completion percentage at 56.0, and the over/under for combined turnovers at 2.5. I’m going to just go ahead and take the under on completion percentage and the over on turnovers. I suppose these two could surprise us, but I think we are in for a dumpster fire of a matchup.