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49ers win on their bye week

Hurray for draft order!

The San Francisco 49ers had this weekend off for their bye, but they still managed a pretty big win. The New York Giants beat the Kansas City Chiefs 12-9 in overtime, and that means they will remain behind the 49ers in the 2018 NFL Draft order.

The 49ers win over the Giants last week left the 49ers 1-9 and the Giants 1-8. Once the bye passed, most figured the Giants would drop to 1-9 and strength of schedule would give them an edge over the 49ers. Instead, the Giants are now 2-8. Unfortunately the Cleveland Browns couldn’t pull out an upset against Jacksonville, and dropped to 0-10.

There are six weeks remaining in the NFL season, and the 49ers could very well find some games to win. They host a banged up Seattle Seahawks defense next week, and while I don’t see them winning, the losses of Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman leave the door open. The 49ers follow that with games at Chicago and Houston. Both are winnable games, so this draft order remains in flux.