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2018 NFL Draft: Complete list of the 49ers 9 picks

I imagine there will be more dealing in the spring.

NFL: 2016 NFL Draft Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers made a pair of trades in the 24 hours leading up the 2017 NFL trade deadline, and they have shaken up the team’s draft picks. The team traded a second round pick for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, and then traded cornerback Rashard Robinson for a fifth round pick. They currently have nine picks, with no comp picks expected. Here is the 49ers current full list of picks in the 2018 NFL Draft.

1st: own
2nd: New Orleans Saints - 2017 draft day trade
3rd: own
3rd: Chicago Bears - 2017 draft day trade
4th: Pittsburgh Steelers - Vance McDonald trade
5th: New York Jets - Rashard Robinson trade
6th: own
7th: own
7th: Kansas City Chiefs - Kenneth Acker trade

There will be no more trading until the new league year arrives in March. The 49ers will be plenty active next spring, and as the 2018 NFL Draft approaches, their first round pick could get mighty interesting.

The 49ers currently hold the second position in the 2018 draft order due to the Cleveland Browns holding a weaker strength of schedule. Jimmy Garoppolo could potentially help them get some wins, but odds are pretty good they will be drafting pretty high next spring. If they get Garoppolo extended (or at least franchised), they will have a lot of flexibility with that top pick.

If the quarterback class remains strong, the most intriguing option could be trading down to a QB-needy team and raking in a haul of picks. I certainly would be fine just drafting the best player available with that high pick (well, aside from QB!), but moving down in the first round to add more opportunities to find talent is a big plus. You have to hit on the picks, but adding more picks means more opportunities to hit. Trent Baalke did a fantastic job dealing for picks, but he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn when it came to actually finding enough talent with those picks.

The 49ers could be in prime position next April. Now they just have to take advantage of it.