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Blaine Gabbert to start Week 12 vs. Jaguars

After a surprisingly not awful performance in Week 11, Blaine Gabbert gets to face his former team.

The Arizona Cardinals started quarterback Blaine Gabbert this past weekend against the Houston Texans, and he was not awful. Drew Stanton is still recovering from his sprained knee, and head coach Bruce Arians announced that Gabbert will get another start this week against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Gabbert finished Sunday’s game 22 of 34 for 257 yards, with three touchdowns and two interceptions. The picks came once the Cardinals were trailing by ten in the fourth quarter. Prior to that, Gabbert looked not awful. We rag on him a lot, and I have no doubt he will return to his previous form, but for one day, his team lost in spite of his solid performance.

Gabbert gets to face the team that drafted him this week, and this will be a tougher challenge than Houston. The Jaguars defense is giving up the fewest points per game, lead the league in sacks, and generally are creating havoc for opposing offenses. Maybe Gabbert swings a second straight decent performance. My guess however is the Jaguars defense gets their shots in throughout the game.

On a slightly related note, Gabbert getting another start means another post-game media session. That means more of mustached Blaine Gabbert. I’m all for that!