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Former 49ers coach Chip Kelly reportedly might have deal with Florida, or maybe not

There are a lot of reports about the former San Francisco 49ers coach. Will he land with Florida, UCLA, or even a third team?

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Former San Francisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly has reportedly agreed to terms with Florida to become the school’s next head coach, according to Darren Heitner. There have been rumors surrounding Kelly and Florida, as well as UCLA and Tennessee, for awhile now.

In fact, multiple reports on Wednesday suggest that Kelly met with UCLA on Tuesday.

There were periods over the past few days when reports suggested a deal was done, then further reports suggested a deal was not yet done. It’s possible things go in that direction still. Interestingly, Heitner reports that the agreement with Florida includes a window for Kelly to back out of the deal, which is why many consider UCLA to still be in the running.

Kelly’s time in San Francisco was a curiosity more than anything. I don’t think his offense quite works in the NFL, but honestly, nobody can truly claim he got a fair shake of things with the 49ers. Jed York was feeling the heat and knew he had to get rid of Trent Baalke, which made any rebuilding effort from Kelly pointless as the team would be turning over everything after letting go of Baalke.

That isn’t to say I’m disappointed that Kelly didn’t get another year. Again, I’m not a fan of his offense as it pertains to the NFL or as it pertained to the personnel on the 49ers roster a year ago, but he isn’t somebody I have disdain for as a fan. I wish him the best, though this current coaching search has been a pretty big mess of reporting and reporting on reporting.

There isn’t concrete reporting of the numbers presently, but it is still relevant to the 49ers for the simple fact that they still owe Kelly money, and any deal with Florida or UCLA should offset some of that money, as Kelly’s current salary with ESPN does presently.