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C.J. Beathard will start Sunday for 49ers vs. Seahawks

The 49ers are moving forward with C.J. Beathard for one more week at least.

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan announced that quarterback C.J. Beathard will get the start on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks. There is no plan to play Garoppolo on Sunday unless Beathard gets hurt.

The 49ers have played relatively coy with this, but given Beathard’s performance against the New York Giants, it is not an entirely surprising decision. The Giants are a bad football team, but he performed well, which is all you can ask. The Seahawks defense is banged up, but still considerably better than the Giants. My guess is they want to see if Beathard can build on his Week 10 performance.

That being said, if things get ugly, maybe we see Garoppolo get a shot on Sunday. Shanahan acknowledged we’ll see what the week brings. They are continuing to give Garoppolo more and more to get him prepared. Shanahan said that the decision was a combination of Garoppolo continuing to prepare and Beathard looking good two weeks ago.