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The 46 (now 44) things the San Francisco 49ers need to have happen to earn a playoff berth

So you’re telling me there’s a chance.....

Fooch’s update: The Giants beating Washington was on the list of things that needed to happen. That didn’t happen Thursday night, so I went through and ran the simulator a few times and found a new option that would work. Previously, Week 15 needed Washington beating the Cardinals. With Washington’s win last night, we just flip that game so Cardinals beat Washington, and add in the Giants beating the Cardinals in Week 16. Previously, that game did not matter. So, we’re currently at 44 things that need to happen. Read the rest of the list at Reddit, and here is an updated screenshot of the playoff field and results.

The Minnesota Vikings defeated the Detroit Lions to kick off Thanksgiving football, and for the moment, the San Francisco 49ers remain alive in the playoff hunt!

Odds are pretty good that they will not make the playoffs, and in fact, they are ridiculously long for them to actually make the playoffs. ESPN has a playoff machine to project out potential playoff teams, and someone decided to go through and figure out the 49ers options.

This followed a now widespread Reddit post in which someone figured out how the winless Cleveland Browns could get into the playoffs at 6-10. The folks at FiveThirtyEight ran the numbers on that projection, and determined the Browns odds were 1 in 19,649,922,085,696,900,000. That is just over 1 in 19 quintillion odds of making the playoffs.

The 49ers odds are not too much different. Someone ran the playoff machine and came up with a list of 47 things that need to happen for the 49ers to make the playoffs. The first one was the Vikings beating the Lions. One down, 46 to go! Next up, the 49ers need the Los Angeles Chargers to beat the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants to beat Washington.

I went through and plugged in all 47 requirements, and indeed, it has the 49ers earning the sixth seed. Here is a screenshot of the result. Head over to Reddit to check out the remaining things the 49ers need to have happen in order to earn a playoff berth!