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Week 12 NFL TV schedule: Rooting guide for draft order

The 49ers have the second pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. Can they get the first?

Jacksonville Jaguars v Cleveland Browns Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers remain in possession of the second overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, thanks to a winless Cleveland Browns and a two-win New York Giants team. The 49ers sit at one win, in their last outing — against the Giants — while New York has already played and lost for Week 12, falling to Washington on Thursday.

Outside of the top three, there are three three-win teams in the league in the Denver Broncos, Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears. And then on top of that, there are seven four-win teams.

Both the Browns and the Broncos are playing four-win teams, so either way is good news for the 49ers. But the Browns, obviously, have looked awful and a shoo-in for the top pick, so them picking up a win over their bad opponents would be nice. The Broncos, too, have looked abysmal in recent weeks.

Below are the games you need to care about for Sunday.

Browns (0-10) at Bengals (4-6): Cleveland — The Browns are terrible. The Bengals are less terrible. The 49ers need the Browns to win a game, and they need them to win another on top of that to really get a hold on the top pick. It’s worth noting that strength of schedule has swung in the 49ers’ favor, slightly. The Giants are worse in that area, however, and remain a threat for the top pick.

Seahawks (6-4) at 49ers (1-9): Seattle — I’ll never root for the Seahawks — or any team — to beat the 49ers, but it’s the truth of things. The best thing for the 49ers would be a loss, strengthening their grip on the second overall pick.

Broncos (3-7) at Raiders (4-6): Denver — The Broncos have lost their last six games and they’ve looked awful. John Elway will get some more time to work things out but wow, that is one disappointing team ... playing another hugely disappointing team in the Raiders.

Titans (6-4) at Colts (3-7): Indianapolis — The Colts picked up a couple wins, bad for their draft hopes, but lost their last outing. They’re just treading water until they move on from their current head coach. The Titans are kind of a decent team at times. They can afford a loss.

Bears (3-7) at Eagles (9-1): Chicago — Speaking of teams that can afford a loss: the Eagles have only had one this season. The Bears have had seven. The Eagles can afford a loss, but one certainly isn’t likely.