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Kyle Shanahan talks Seahawks loss, quarterback position and more

We have the full transcript for Kyle Shanahan’s postgame press conference following the 49ers vs. Seahawks.

How are the early indications on QB C.J. Beathard’s health?

“They said they thought it might be a bruise, but we won’t know. It happened so late at the end that there’s not enough information yet, we’ll have to X-Ray tomorrow.”

Is it his leg or--?

“They said it was his lower leg. I think he got hit by a helmet or a shoulder pad. Not exactly sure yet. Being optimistic that it’s just a bruise though.”

Those last 67 seconds then, just getting QB Jimmy Garoppolo in there, how did you think he did?

“It was nice he got a touchdown. We got an off-schedule play, ran around and made a good play to [WR Louis Murphy] Murph and it’s nice to get in the end zone.”

Long time to get the play, it looked like he almost didn’t get that first play. Was that a little nerve-racking to watch that?

“Yeah, that’s just part of the process of how it is. It just takes a little bit longer when it’s new for him and did a good job. I thought I was going to have to call a timeout, but I didn’t have one, so I didn’t have a choice. So, I just watched and hoped and they did a good job. I think it was [TE Garrett] Celek, sprinting out to the final formation and getting the ball off.”

That hit that Beathard took was his 13th or 14th of the game. That’s par for the course for him over the last few games. Does that factor into your decision making at all when you’re thinking about who the starting quarterback is going to be?

“It all factors in. I want to give a guy a chance to be successful and we’ve got to do a better job of protecting him. I thought we did that verse New York. We were able to be in a game where we were able to be more balanced. Tried very hard to keep this game like that, but late in the second half it got a little bit out of hand. But, it was similar to that in the first half too. It’s a tough position to be in and you don’t want anyone to get hurt, but Jimmy will have another week. We’ll watch this tape tomorrow, work with him Monday and Tuesday and see what happens in practice for Wednesday.”

It’s just three plays or however many, does that factor in to whether you’re going to start him?

“No, those plays have nothing to do with anything. That’s just running around and made a great play, but those have no bearing on it at all.”

Will Jimmy take the majority of the snaps with the first team on Wednesday or have you not decided?

“I just said we’re going to watch the tape, see how guys feel. We’ll work with him Monday and Tuesday and then put a game plan together and see what we decide for Wednesday.”

You ran the read option and pistol a little bit more today. Was that because of OL Trent Brown being out or--?

“It has to do with a lot of things. Sometimes when you can do that stuff, if you’re going against the right schemes, it can slow people down a little bit. Not trying to make a living out of that stuff, but you try to give them other stuff to worry about. Make some other things a little bit easier. Sometimes it can help your protections. We got a few good looks of it today. We had a real unfortunate, I didn’t see it yet, but the clipping call. The early one in the game, I thought we had a good gain. We got that call back, but it just offset guys and help our players, give them a better chance to be successful.”

QB Russell Wilson wasn’t sacked. Does that seem crazy based on the amount of times he was almost sacked?

“Yeah, it does seem crazy because it seemed like we were around him a lot. That’s what he does very well though. He’s been doing in for a long time. That does surprise me. I thought we would have had more sacks, but from what I saw out there and we’ll see tomorrow after I talk to you guys after I get a better chance to watch the tape, but I thought our defense seemed to play very well. They gave us a chance to win this game, just like they did in Week 2 and it seemed like they were around him a lot, but as always Russell always makes some pretty good plays.”

Was there any consideration of changing quarterbacks mid-game? You guys weren’t able to move offensively a lot and the defense, you just said, did give you a chance. Was there any consideration of going to Jimmy early?

“No, not at all. If I felt that was because of the quarterback I would have made a change.”

How would you say C.J. did today?

“I’ll see with the tape. I know he definitely missed some, like all quarterbacks do in every game, but I don’t think he was in a situation that he had much of a chance to be real successful. They played three deep-four under the entire game. They didn’t play much man coverage. They were going to make us work for it all the way down the field and that’s what they did. We weren’t very good on third down and we didn’t get a run game going, which made it very hard verse that type of defense.”

DL Sheldon Day and DL Cassius Marsh played a lot of snaps today for arriving just this last week. What did you see from those two guys?

“When I looked up, I saw them getting around the ball. So, I couldn’t tell you honestly until I study the tape. I don’t just watch one guy, but it looked like they ran around. I saw them both make a couple plays, but I’ll be able to answer that a little better tomorrow.”

WR Marquise Goodwin with his foot came back okay?

“Yeah, I know he came back in the game. He had something with his foot, so they went in, took an X-Ray, it ended up being alright. Then he came back and finished the game, so I think that means it’s nothing big, but he had to get out a number of times throughout the end of the game. We’ll see how it is tomorrow.”

What about RB Raheem Mostert?

Mostert was the only one that left. It is his (knee). He could not return. We’ll have some X-Rays or an MRI tomorrow to see.”

What was your review of Carlos Hyde and the ineffective run game?

“That’s something I’ll definitely have to see the tape because you have to see the end zone copy. They had an eight man front every time, so it’s not like there’s a bunch of wide open holes. We’ll see how it looked. I didn’t think that we gave a lot of space, but anytime you don’t run the ball very well that’s never one person. That’s all 11 out there. That has to do with the running back, the O-Line, receivers blocking and also not moving the chains on third down.”

Beathard was taking so many hits and always gets up. Was it almost a shock to see him stay down on the ground? Did you almost have to double take to see that it was really him on the ground?

“No, you just know he’s hurt and if that’s the case. If he can’t get up it’s because something is wrong. Got a lot of respect for how he plays. He has hung in there and he’s gotten better for us each week. Hoping it’s not as bad as it looked. I hope he’s better than it seems tomorrow.”

Do you feel like he continued to improve today or did he take a step back?

“No, the more guys play, the more they continue to improve. He didn’t make a bunch of mistakes out there. There weren’t too many opportunities. Any time a team plays three deep-four under the whole game, we had a couple opportunities. We had some explosive plays. I thought we got most of them. We were short on one from what I can remember. The turnover that he had, I thought was a hell of a play by I think it was [Seattle Seahawks LB Bobby] Wagner or it was [Seattle Seahawks LB] K.J. [Wright]. I think it was Wagner though. I was happy with C.J.”

Did you give Jimmy any special instructions before going into the game?

“No, I was out there with C.J. So, I know our quarterbacks coach Rich [Scangarello] was talking to him. They got my new call sheet ready, which wasn’t that big of a deal at that time because we were at the two-minute anyways. Once I got to the sideline, he was already out there.”