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These Josh McCown stats are crazy

Cherry-picking specific stats allows for some spectacular comparisons.

Coming into this season, the New York Jets decision to roll with quarterback Josh McCown suggested a team all in on the tank. Geno Smith had turned into a bust, and Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg were not impressing anybody. The Jets were a favorite for the No. 1 overall pick, and Josh McCown was going to guide them there.

Someone apparently forgot to tell McCown. He has not been a great quarterback by any means, but he has been a serviceable option. In fact, if you want to cherry-pick the stats, he has done something only Joe Montana, Steve Young, and Dak Prescott have done in NFL history.

Those are very specific categories, but it is always fun to pick some stats and make this kind of wild comparison.

The Jets currently sit at 4-7, and have been competitive on a fairly regular basis. Josh McCown is not the future, and it would make more sense to send out Petty and Hackenberg to see what exactly the team has in them. The team has a shot at a top ten draft pick, and with several potential quarterback options, it would make sense to know what you’ve already got in house. Or, maybe they really do know what they’ve got?

In the meantime, it’s safe to say McCown will find another contract this offseason if he wants to continue his career. I am curious to see if the Jets decide to bring him back along with a new young quarterback, or if we see him head elsewhere. Maybe he takes over for Eli Manning next year if the Giants and Manning part ways. The spring will be interesting for quarterback movement.