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Watch DeForest Buckner get held by two Seahawks linemen

Holding penalties are apparently more of a guideline than a rule

One of the many frustrating things about facing the Seattle Seahawks is how difficult it is to sack quarterback Russell Wilson. He’s as elusive a quarterback as you’ll find in the NFL, and his ability to make plays after things break down is one of his most impressive traits.

It’s difficult enough to sack Russell Wilson, but it is that much more difficult when the officials are ignoring blatant holding violations. In the video above, Brian Baldinger is flabbergasted as DeForest Buckner is held by two Seahawks offensive linemen at the same time.

Buckner is lined up off the right tackle, and then cuts in to go between the right guard and center. Both men put their arms around Buckner’s waist to prevent him from getting through to Wilson. Buckner was able to get through the center’s arm tackle, but Wilson proceeded to cut past the right guard. Buckner spun back and amidst a separate double team, was able to get some pressure on Wilson.

Officials miss obvious penalties all the time, so this is not exactly a surprising result. But it remains incredibly frustrating, particularly when dealing with an elusive quarterback like Russell Wilson.