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49ers-Seahawks film: Breaking down San Francisco’s sacks allowed from Week 12

C.J. Beathard took a beating against the Seahawks, and we’re here to look at the film.

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers just announced that Jimmy Garoppolo will take over as starting quarterback when they play the Chicago Bears in Week 13. He takes over for rookie third-round pick C.J. Beathard, who has played average football while taking an alarmingly above average amount of hits and sacks.

Beathard should and probably will get further opportunities in the NFL, including with the 49ers, but for now, we go back to the film to do what we’ve been doing every week: lament at the sorry state of the 49ers’ offensive line.

Against the Seattle Seahawks, Beathard was hit 14 times and sacked three times. Below, we’re going to take a look at those three sacks and what Laken Tomlinson ... I mean the offensive line did wrong. Expect to see very little of Brandon Fusco, who was fine, and a lot of Tomlinson, who definitely was not.

Let’s get to it.

1:39 of 1st Quarter, 1st and 14 from SF 16: Beathard sacked at SF 8 for -8 yards (Branden Jackson, Frank Clark)

This sack was split by two players, but ultimately it’s on Joe Staley at the left tackle spot. Staley gets beaten handily by his man, while Erik Magnuson is the one who is supposed to get the delayed rush from Clark. He doesn’t even come close, and Beathard goes down. Still, Beathard was mostly pulled down by Jackson, who beat Staley without issue on the left side.

So what was Beathard seeing? Not much , as it turns out. He has an underneath option to his right. There’s a hole in the zone deeper on his right, but by the time that player has turned around, Beathard is already being hit. There’s nothing here particularly glaring either way on the coaches film.

3:17 of 2nd Quarter, 3rd and 5 from SEA 29: Beathard sacked at SEA 37 for -8 yards (Marcus Smith)

Laken Tomlinson takes ages to get his hips around on this block, and his man waltzes right by him. It was a very sad block, made even moreso thanks to some strong blocking from other players. It’s ultimately Magnuson’s guy who brings Beathard down, but this play failed due to Tomlinson and nobody else. Let’s see what Beathard could see downfield.

Beathard has a very shallow dropback, but none of the 49ers receivers are open. He has an underneath option to his right, kind of, but it’s not that promising. There is eventually a hole to drop the ball in over the top in the middle, but Beathard is already being hit by then. This one had no chance of succeeding, really.

5:55 of 4th Quarter, 3rd and 6 from SF 14: Beathard sacked at SF 7 for -7 yards (Michael Bennett)

Shocker: Tomlinson gets beat again. The sack, again, comes from Magnuson’s man, but it’s after Tomlinson is easily beaten by his man. Daniel Kilgore was right next to Tomlinson and it’s possible that the latter thought he was passing off to the former, but at best its an extreme miscommunication. Magnuson doesn’t get a pass on this one like he did on the other one, though, because he is also beaten pretty handily. Only Brandon Fusco and Staley controlled their men.

Before Beathard is scrambling to get away from the pressure, he has one receiver turning around on a shallow route and he could have thrown the ball there, for sure. I think he should have made that throw, but it was a throw at the line of scrimmage on third down, so I see why he wanted to extend the play. Unfortunately, he failed to do so.