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Jimmy Garoppolo prop bets for Week 13

The 49ers quarterback makes his starting debut on Sunday vs. the Chicago Bears. How well will he perform?

The San Francisco 49ers announced Jimmy Garoppolo will be their starting quarterback for Week 13, and with that comes prop bets! The folks at Bovada offer up a variety of wagers beyond just team vs. team matchups, and this week, they have installed three prop bets involving Garoppolo.

This week, you can bet on his total passing yards, touchdown passes, and interceptions. Here are the three wagers.

Total Passing Yards, Week 13

Over/Under: 225.5

Total TD Passes, Week 13

Over: 1.5, +110 (11/10)
Under: 1.5, -150 (2/3)

Total Interceptions, Week 13

Over: 0.5, -150 (2/3)
Under: 0.5, +110 (11/10)

For context, through 11 games this season, 49ers quarterbacks have averaged 244 yards, 0.8 touchdowns, and 0.9 interceptions. As an optimist, I’m inclined to take the over on yards and touchdowns, and the under on interceptions. If I was going to be negative on this, the touchdown over is the toughest one for me.

We are currently taking predictions for Garoppolo’s first start this Sunday. Drop into that FanPost and let us know what you expect from the 49ers quarterback.