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No fines for plays that led to Joe Staley, Pierre Garçon injuries

The NFL fines went out, and there were none for Fletcher Cox or Nigel Bradham.

NFL fines went out around the league this week, and on Friday, we learned that Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox and linebacker Nigel Bradham did not receive fines for two very notable plays against the San Francisco 49ers.

Cox hit left tackle Joe Staley during the pick-six late in the second quarter. He appeared to hit Staley in the face, and later there was talk of a cheap shot. The play resulted in a fractured orbital bone, and Staley will be out until at least the bye week.

Cox has reached out to Staley to to talk through the play. He told Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Les Bowen that the game goes so fast that it’s hard to do something like that. He said they have no beef after talking it through.

“I respect Joe a lot, and guys who have been around this league a lot,” Cox said Thursday. Staley, 33, has been to five Pro Bowls as a left tackle. “I pulled up on him. He was going full speed, and we both braced [put up hands] at the same time,” Cox said. “It was just a mistake. My hand went into his helmet. I’m glad that he was OK, and that I didn’t break my hand in the process.”

Fooch’s update: Staley offered a comment on the lack of a fine, and seems cool with it.

Bradham’s play involved a hit on Pierre Garçon as the receiver was going out of bounds. Garçon hit an Eagles assistant and injured his neck on the play. He is going to be placed on injured reserve Friday or Saturday to clear some room for another player.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan was asked about the lack of fines. He said he was not going to say he has issues with them, but clearly he was not pleased.

“I’m not gonna sit here and say I have issues with them, but we did lose two of our best players on our offense on two plays that we felt flags should have been thrown on.”