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Joe Staley to wear tinted visor upon return, needs a nickname

The San Francisco 49ers will be without left tackle Joe Staley for at least the next two weeks, but the hope is that he returns after the bye, when the 49ers face the Seattle Seahawks in Week 12. He is dealing with an orbital fracture, and it sounds like has an adjustment in mind for when he does get back on the field.

Staley told Eric Branch that he will be sporting a tinted visor to protect his eye. He figures it will be pretty intimidating, and might require some kind of nickname to go with it.

I retweeted the above tweet with a call for nicknames, and have gotten some solid suggestions. Some play on Robocop has gotten the most mentions, but this Joeba Fett photoshop is pretty solid.

This was another fun photoshop job.

Here are a few other suggestions. Feel free to offer up your own!