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Eric Reid left Players Coalition in part because Colin Kaepernick was removed

The fracture within the Players Coalition is due to Kaepernick’s removal, and concerns about the financial “offer” from the league.

Fooch’s update: Malcolm Jenkins offers a contrasting view on Reid’s comments.

The Players’ Coalition, created as part of the response to the protests taking place around the league, has seen a fracture this week as some players are unhappy with the process and results coming from the group.

On Wednesday, Eric Reid and Michael Thomas announced their withdrawal from the group. They do not think the group speaks for all players in their approach with the NFL, and prefer continuing a separate dialogue with the league. On Thursday, Los Angeles Chargers offensive tackle Russell Okung announced he was also withdrawing from the Coalition.

The San Francisco 49ers had player media availability on Wednesday, and Reid had a chance to discuss his reasons for leaving. Tracy Sandler got video of his comments, which you can view above, or here.

Reid discussed two issues with his withdrawal. His first comment is about the work Malcolm Jenkins has done. Jenkins has not been part of the kneel-down protest, and Reid feels the concerns of players taking a knee have not been sufficiently addressed in the negotiation with the NFL.

The NFL submitted a proposal that would provide $100 million over the next seven years to various social justice causes championed by the players. Reid said that what Jim Trotter is describing as a final draft of a proposal is something that has not even been submitted to all the NFL owners for agreement. Based on comments by Reid, Thomas, and Okung, this would suggest the proposal is an attempt by Roger Goodell and some of the owners to end the protest with a financial offer.

Reid also said that one of the issues is the removal of Colin Kaepernick from the Coalition. The players have been communicating via group message, and Reid said that Malcolm Jenkins as an admin of the group message removed Kaepernick from it. There have been a lot of questions about whether or not Kaepernick is welcome at these meetings, and whether invitations have been sent out. This would suggest that is not entirely clear.

Reid said he has started the process of creating his own non-profit group with some of the other players to attempt to make some progress in these issues. It is still in the preliminary stages, but clearly there are already some players who would look to work alongside him.