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Julian Edelman thinks the 49ers are getting a stud in Jimmy Garoppolo

He had an odd phrasing, but he’s a fan.

The New England Patriots decision to trade Jimmy Garoppolo brought plenty of reactions from players and coaches. Wide receiver (and Bay Area native) Julian Edelman was effusive in his praise for Garoppolo.

Edelman made an appearance on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football, and he called Garoppolo a stud, hard worker, and “a football guy.”

“They’re getting a stud, man,” the wideout said. “He was a good little friend of mine. He could come out to L.A. (in the offseason), and I would punk him into throwing to me a bunch his first couple of years. Then he got a little too big for it. But he’s a hard-working guy. He’s a football guy. He’s going to make plays.”

Edelman also made an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show Friday morning, and he had an interesting comparison of Garoppolo, Brady, and himself.

I’m really not sure where to begin with that quotation. Like, even a little bit. But hey, he’s a fan of Garoppolo, so there’s that.