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Joe Staley talks eye injury, Jimmy Garoppolo, playing left vs. right tackle

Good stuff from Joe.

The San Francisco 49ers will be without left tackle Joe Staley on Sunday, but he is still keeping an eye on things in practice. He met with 49ers media after practice on Friday, and offered some thoughts on his eye injury, the addition of Jimmy Garoppolo, and Trent Brown’s move to left tackle in Staley’s absence. You can watch video above.

The best part of Staley’s media session is the last portion about Brown. Staley talks about the difficulty of moving from right to left tackle because of the differences in technique. Offensive line work is very technical, and when you’re used to one side, moving to the other takes some time. Staley said when he switched from right to left tackle in college, it took him a few weeks to get the plays and his own technique straightened out.

Staley has some funny comments about his role as left tackle. When the question about Brown was first being asked, Staley seemed to think they were asking him about potentially losing his job to Brown. It was more just about the temporary switch, but Staley made it clear he’s the left tackle. There was some serious and some joking in it, but it’s worth a watch.