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2018 NFL Draft order: 49ers hold No. 1 spot for one week

This will likely last until the 49ers bye week.

The San Francisco 49ers dropped to 0-9 with another tough loss on Sunday to the Arizona Cardinals. The 49ers had the ball with a chance to take the lead in the third quarter, but they could not get their offense going the rest of the game. And so, a 20-10 loss gets added to the list.

The 49ers have temporarily moved to the top of the 2018 NFL Draft order. While the 49ers are 0-9, the Cleveland Browns are 0-8 after having a bye in Week 9. The Browns have the edge in strength of schedule, and so if both teams keep losing, Cleveland will move back into the top spot.

Here’s what the top five picks currently look like in the 2018 NFL Draft order.

1. San Francisco 49ers (0-9)
2. Cleveland Browns (0-8)
3. New York Giants (1-7)
4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-6)
5. Indianapolis Colts (3-6)

Week 10 schedule

Next week is a big one for the 49ers. They host the New York Giants in one of their few remaining chances for a win. If the 49ers lose though, they will put themselves in strong position to lock up a top-two pick.

Meanwhile, the Cleveland Browns will travel to face the 3-4 Detroit Lions. I’m guessing Deshone Kizer will be the Browns starting quarterback for that game, but given Cleveland’s attempt to trade for A.J. McCarron, who knows who will be their starting quarterback.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers hot the 4-5 New York Jets on Sunday. The Bucs can’t seem to get much of anything going, and they face a Jets team that is suddenly playing a lot better than most of us expected.