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Golden Nuggets: John Lynch Tried For Tom Brady, Open to Trading Garoppolo

A daily compilation of 49ers news from around the net. Monday, November 6th, 2017 edition.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers-Jimmy Garoppolo Press Conference Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

0-9 isn’t pretty. According to Adam Schefter, the 49ers are open to franchising Jimmy Garoppolo and making an offseason trade. Really no good news today - including Jaquiski Tartt finding his way to the IR. In lighter news, word has leaked that John Lynch was initially rebuffed in his request for Jimmy Garoppolo by Bill Belichick. His immediate reaction was to respond by asking if Tom Brady was available. Obviously, it didn’t happen that way, but the story lends some credence to this particular fan’s belief that our GM has the stones necessary for the job.

Anyway, I struck up a fairly heated conversation with an acquaintance after the game regarding the validity of still-active HOF hopefuls, and the dispute eventually boiled down to Eli Manning and Frank Gore. As he currently stands, Frank Gore is within easy striking distance of the fifth highest rushing yard total in NFL history, and perhaps a few big games in his next seven to push his way to fourth all time. However, most 49ers fans would likely agree, he’s just not first ballot material, because he was never the poster boy, but rather a year-in, year-out workman, who never had an opportunity for much success in the postseason. His career was built on longevity and consistency, but rarely “flash”.

Conversely, Eli Manning, to me, represents the antithesis of Frank - a big name poster boy who, like Frank, has been consistently above-average for a very long time, but has rarely (like Frank) been among the most important at his position in any given season. However, unlike Frank, he has perhaps the most impressive playoff history one might be able to imagine. Many other QBs have more SB rings than Eli, but he’s currently (and virtually guaranteed to remain) the only QB to beat Tom Brady in the biggest game of the season - a feat he accomplished twice. However, despite his volume stats (likely to end up sixth all time in passing yards & passing TDs), he has a historically pedestrian TD/pass percentage, nestled between Andy Dalton and Jay Cutler. His INT/pass percentage is decidedly more dismal, grouping him near players like David Carr and the previously mentioned Jay Cutler.

My pride wouldn’t allow me to concede that Eli Manning might be a sooner addition to the Hall of Fame than Frank Gore. However, I can reticently admit that, despite Frank’s significant volume statistics, he simply doesn’t have the postseason resume to mandate any sort of expedient journey to the podium for a gold jacket. Thoughts?

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