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NFL players seek mediation session with NFL, Colin Kaepernick would attend

NFL players have formally filed a request for a formal mediation session with owners to discuss the social issues that have resulted in player protests around the league. The players requested the session take place the week of November 13, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

More intriguing is that the players have formally invited Colin Kaepernick, and Eric Reid tweeted that Kaepernick will attend if the meeting happens.

The players are awaiting a response from the league. If it happens, they will discuss the social issues, but players also want to address the issues surrounding Kaepernick. Specifically, why he has been unable to get a job in the NFL. I imagine they will raise the issues of a lack of even workout opportunities.

If this all goes down, it would certainly be interesting in light of Kaepernick’s grievance against the league. His attorney has said Kaepernick would be open to attending these sessions. There will be plenty to discuss, but given that Kaepernick’s legal team is looking to depose several owners, including some likely to be in attendance at this mediation, it makes for a rather wild story.

This all comes amidst a report that some in the Houston Texans organization brought up the notion of bringing in Kaepernick after Deshaun Watson’s injury. Bill O’Brien said on Monday that he is comfortable with his current trio of quarterbacks. We’ll see how long he remains comfortable with them.