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2017 NFL power rankings: Week 10 edition

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We’re back with a look around the league following the ninth week of the season.

The NFL wrapped up Week 9 Monday evening with the Detroit Lions taking care of business against the Aaron Rodgers-less Green Bay Packers. Brett Hundley might still one day develop into a solid NFL quarterback, but it’s not happening yet. There is still a chance Aaron Rodgers returns late in the season if his collarbone heals, but the Packers might be in a world of hurt by then.

As we start to look ahead to Week 10, I’m back with my NFL power rankings. While power rankings are entirely subjective, they are a fun way to assess where things stand in the league. They are not to be taken too seriously, which is shown in the fact that I had the San Francisco 49ers ranked No. 1 last week following their trade of Jimmy Garoppolo!

The 49ers followed up the trade with a loss to Arizona, and now sit at 0-9. While they have the most losses in the NFL, I will keep them ahead of the Cleveland Browns. The 49ers have their share of problems, but Cleveland is an absolute dumpster fire. Of course, now the 49ers get what is likely their best remaining chance at a win when they host the New York Giants on Sunday. The 49ers opened as slim one-point favorites, but the bettors have jumped on the Giants and the line now sits 49ers +1. Welp.

One of my big movers this week is the New Orleans Saints. Enough teams are falling into mediocrity that their 6-2 record deserves some praise. I think it is a touch inflated with some wins over bad teams, but you can only win the games put in front of you. And that defense is looking a lot better than in recent years. They have a big test this weekend when they head up to face the Buffalo Bills.

On to the power rankings!

Week 10 NFL power rankings

Rank Team LW
Rank Team LW
1 Philadelphia Eagles (8-1) 2
2 Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2) 3
3 New England Patriots (6-2) 4
4 Los Angeles Rams (6-2) 7
5 Minnesota Vikings (6-2) 8
6 Kansas City Chiefs (6-2) 5
7 Carolina Panthers (6-3) 10
8 Seattle Seahawks (5-3) 6
9 New Orleans Saints (6-2) 14
10 Dallas Cowboys (5-3) 12
11 Buffalo Bills (5-3) 9
12 Atlanta Falcons (4-4) 11
13 Jacksonville Jaguars (5-3) 16
14 Tennessee Titans (5-3) 17
15 Washington (4-4) 18
16 Detroit Lions (4-4) 19
17 Oakland Raiders (4-5) 24
18 Green Bay Packers (4-4) 13
19 Baltimore Ravens (4-5) 20
20 New York Jets (4-5) 27
21 Miami Dolphins (4-4) 22
22 Houston Texans (3-5) 15
23 Denver Broncos (3-5) 21
24 Cincinnati Bengals (3-5) 23
25 Arizona Cardinals (4-4) 28
26 Chicago Bears (3-5) 25
27 Los Angeles Chargers (3-5) 26
28 Indianapolis Colts (3-6) 30
29 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-6) 29
30 New York Giants (1-7) 31
31 San Francisco 49ers (0-9) 1
32 Cleveland Browns (0-8) 32