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49ers-Giants is one of the worst football matchups in over 20 years

The San Francisco 49ers host the New York Giants on Sunday, and it marks one of the worst win/loss matchups in recent memory. As Josh Dubow pointed out, the combined one win between the two teams is the lowest since 1994. I don’t recall that game, but given what we know about the 49ers and Giants, this certainly seems on par with most any awful NFL matchup.

As bad as this matchup is, it is not getting the worst FOX Sports announcer crew. The No. 4 crew, featuring Chris Myers, Daryl Johnston, and Laura Okmin, will have the call on this game. I imagine the Bay Area-NYC TV markets help with this. And there are some intriguing storylines the announcers can convey.

That being said, this is an atrocious matchup for television. I am curious to see how the broadcast map looks outside of Northern California and the New York/Northern New Jersey markets.

Will you sit through this whole thing on Sunday? Or are you prepared to consider alternatives to keep you slightly entertained?