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Super important poll question

OK, maybe not football important, but this is some important life stuff. I was tweeting with a graphic designer and a social media person at the 49ers in a discussion about having to eat only one type of food for the rest of your life. They had an office poll going in which you had to choose one food to go between pizza, tacos/burritos, and hamburgers.

So, if you had to eliminate one of those three from your life forever, which would it be? I chose pizza, which was in the minority for their office. I enjoy pizza, but something about it just seems like I could live without it. On the other hand, if I could only liv with one food the rest of my life, hamburgers or tacos/burritos would be much easier calls to include. I told them hamburgers would be my first choice, but tacos and/or burritos would certainly be intriguing options.

What say you?


If you had to eliminate one of these three, which would it be?

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