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Kyle Shanahan says he talks to Jed York every week, doesn’t hide anything from him

Maybe it’s a sign of how bad the 49ers have been in recent years that the idea that a coach and owner aren’t keeping things from one another is news.

San Francisco 49ers v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan is fiercely competitive, proud and, naturally, doesn’t like to lose. It seems like team CEO Jed York has finally learned his lesson and that Shanahan will get plenty of time to turn things around, despite the team being winless through nine games this season.

One thing that is different this year is that the coach — Shanahan — and what is essentially the owner — York — seem to have a good working relationship. That’s the opposite of the situation from when Jim Harbaugh was around, and let’s not even talk about someone like Jim Tomsula.

Following the team’s loss to the Arizona Cardinals in Week 9, Shanahan talked at length about his weekly discussions with York.

“Jed's been great. Jed and I talked a lot before I got here, talked a lot since I've been here. We continue to talk a lot. I enjoy talking to Jed. He's someone you can be honest with. I don't really beat around the bush with him. I've told him directly how I feel about everything since the first day we met. I think that's why we can get places together. We know we don't try to hide things from each other. We tell each other the situation. I think he knows what I'm expecting. I know what he's expecting. He's been great to me and very supportive. I wish, it's hard after each game to look at the owners and say we're sorry. I know we didn't do it again. That is very tough on me. I wish I could make this look better for him right now. I know it isn't there right now, but I know it will be. He's been great with that and understanding of that too. They've really let us do our job.”

I don’t know how important it is that Shanahan says he doesn’t hide things from York or vice versa, but it seems significant given the recent history of the 49ers. I think there were a lot of really scummy things going on when it was the York and Trent Baalke show, and I think it took a lot of convincing from York to get Shanahan to come to San Francisco.

Shanahan was asked if he meets with York at a specific time, and he responded that they usually speak on Mondays whenever they can, as soon as they can following games. Hopefully, the relationship between Shanahan, York and general manager John Lynch is actually as good as they all seem to imply.