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Kyle Shanahan expects C.J. Beathard to start for 49ers vs. Giants

The transition to Jimmy Garoppolo appears to be picking up speed.

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan met with the media on Wednesday, and things got a little confusing briefly about the team’s starting quarterback vs. the New York Giants. After some back and forth, Shanahan said that he expects C.J. Beathard to start on Sunday.

The initial confusion came when Shanahan seemed to suggest Jimmy Garoppolo could very well start this weekend. What he was actually saying was that he is taking things day-to-day, and practice to practice. Beathard will get the first team reps in practice on Wednesday, and then Shanahan and his coaching staff will decide if he’s ready to do it again on Thursday. The same thing will happen Thursday to get ready for Friday’s practice.

All of this is to say, the transition is beginning. Maybe Garoppolo does not play this weekend, but Shanahan made it clear he is making progress in his understanding and execution of the playbook. My guess is he takes over against the Seattle Seahawks after the bye week, but clearly Kyle Shanahan will not formally rule him out as a starter for this week.