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Better Rivals podcast: “It’s a see-ball, hit-ball kinda thing.”

David and Oscar recap the highs and lows from another 49ers loss and wonder how exactly San Francisco will field a team this week against the Giants.

On this week’s episode of the Better Rivals podcast, C.J. Beathard is just a glorified tackling dummy running the Err-Raid offense. Is there anything left for Kyle Shanahan to try to get better performance from the offensive line? (1:03) What run play did Arizona use on repeat on their way to 167 rushing yards? (11:54) And which defensive player is playing better than you probably think he is? (21:10) All that, plus Reuben Foster finally finishes a game (29:59), the 49ers’ run/pass splits (37:19), and does anyone really win in this week’s game against the Giants (43:23)?

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