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49ers-Giants preview: Ben McAdoo wouldn’t be surprised to see Jimmy Garoppolo play on Sunday

The 49ers are playing a little coy on their quarterback position for Week 10. The Giants head coach expects to see Jimmy Garoppolo out there.

New York Giants head coach Ben McAdoo spoke to Bay Area media on a conference call Wednesday, and he talked a little bit about quarterbacks on both teams. Notably, he was asked about Jimmy Garoppolo, and he said that he expects to see him take his first snaps for his new team.

“I wouldn’t be surprised by it. I would actually kind of expect it, just being an offensive coach and a guy who’s spent a lot of time in the quarterback room. You get a guy like that, you want to get him out there and get him a few reps as soon as possible.”

Personally, I’m unconvinced given the state of San Francisco’s offensive line, but Kyle Shanahan has surprised me before. I expected Brian Hoyer to start until well into the back half of the season, so Garoppolo taking the field in lieu of C.J. Beathard wouldn’t be the most surprising thing.

The Giants, of course, are dealing with their own quarterback issues. There was the report on Wednesday about the Giants beginning their research on draft-eligible quarterbacks for this coming offseason. McAdoo was also asked about Eli Manning, who is struggling late in his career, and offered that the veteran can improve his standing by taking better care of the ball.

For the 49ers’ sake, hopefully he doesn’t. Manning represents the team’s best chance of actually having a decent game on the defensive side of the ball. They didn’t get a single sack against the Arizona Cardinals in their last outing, while Beathard was dropped five times in the game.