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49ers-Texans picks, predictions

We exchanged predictions with Battle Red Blog.

Arizona Cardinals v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers and Houston Texans square off on Sunday with both teams looking at a top ten draft pick. The 49ers have been a near field goal underdog, although the line came down to 1.5 points heading into game day.

I checked in with Battle Red Blog writer Brett Kollman to get his thoughts on how the game will go, as well as how the rest of the Texans season could go. I predicted a 20-13 49ers win, and will have a link to that at BRB in a bit. In the meantime, here’s what Brett had to say for today’s game and moving forward.

Game prediction: The Texans are awful...mostly because Tom Savage is awful. It is difficult to be confident about winning any games whatsoever as long as he is Houston's starting quarterback, but if the Texans are going to win against anyone for the rest of the season, it would probably be the Niners. San Francisco obviously has a rather sizable advantage at the quarterback position, but Savage's supporting cast, at least in my opinion, is far superior to Garoppolo's. As long as Savage does not screw up too much, I expect DeAndre Hopkins and Jadeveon Clowney to take this game over. Texans 17 - 49ers 13.

Rest of the season: Cleveland sure as hell lucked out this year. If all of the stars on the Texans' roster stayed healthy - especially Deshaun Watson - they would have been legitimate Super Bowl contenders. Instead, Tom Savage will be gift wrapping a surefire top 10 draft pick for the Browns' front office. What's really depressing about this whole season isn't the fact that Houston is bad - we've been bad plenty of times before - it's the fact that we would have been so damn good if not for all of our injuries. Going from contender to punching bag solely due to bad luck is probably the worst pain a football fan can experience, and we've been feeling it all season long. At this rate, we would be lucky to finish with more than 4 wins. That