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Carson Wentz suffered torn ACL in Eagles playoff clinching win, according to reports

The Eagles could make a bold move at quarterback.

The Philadelphia Eagles clinched the NFC East on Sunday with their win over the Los Angeles Rams, but it appears to have come at an incredibly steep price. Quarterback Carson Wentz left the game in the third quarter with a knee injury, and multiple reports, first from Adam Schefter, believe it to be a torn ACL.

Wentz will undergo an MRI on Monday, but in the meantime, Nick Foles is their starting quarterback. Foles came on and completed six of ten passes for 42 yards, leading them to a pair of field goals that were the difference in the game.

If the MRI comes back with a torn ACL, the Eagles face a decision. Foles knows their offense, but he is not a particularly good quarterback. They have the best record in the NFC, with a one-game lead on the Minnesota Vikings. Are they prepared to finish out the season and go into the playoffs with Nick Foles leading them? Yes, he knows the offense, and occasionally does decent things, but do people really think he is a better option than you know who?

The Eagles travel to face the New York Giants in Week 15, and then host the Oakland Raiders and Dallas Cowboys to close out the season. It’s only three more weeks before the playoffs, so yes, it would be a rush for Colin Kaepernick to learn the offense. But given what we’ve seen elsewhere, it does not seem like the worst idea in the world for a team that has a strong roster beyond just Wentz. Will they actually make a bold move and bring in Kaepernick? Or are we going to see them just roll with Foles and pray?