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Caption This: Victory

San Francisco 49ers v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Every week, our photo license usually has at least one or two truly quality images from the game. This week, our USA Today Sports license came through in a big way.

The picture above came as the San Francisco 49ers were heading off the field following Sunday’s win over the Houston Texans. John Lynch usually watches the games from a suite, but at the end of every game, he heads down to the field for the closing minutes. We see him and Kyle Shanahan enjoying a hand shake following the team’s third win in four games.

Naturally, it is time to come up with your best captions. Maybe it’s a quick phrase or exchange between the two, maybe it’s a GIF. Give us your best. Chris Biderman tweeted out the picture Sunday afternoon, and you can check out some quality responses to the tweet.