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49ers-Texans post game locker room celebration video is another fun one

Three wins in four games gets folks fired up.

The San Francisco 49ers put another win on the board on Sunday, going on the road to beat the Houston Texans 26-16. The win improved the 49ers to 3-10, and with three wins in their last four games, optimism is high in Santa Clara.

The 49ers victory on Sunday means another post-game locker room celebration. There is still a certain raucous nature to the celebrating locker room, but the past two wins have come down a level each time. The first one was a wild celebration as the team let off the steam of nine straight losses. The second one was excited, but they took things down a notch. And this one brings it down a little bit as well.

The point being that we are starting to see a team that is getting a little more comfortable winning. As Reuben Foster said, it’s about learning how to win, and this team is clearly learning that. It’s too late to turn this into a playoff push, but this team is building something special, and it is highly likely we see the 49ers regularly mentioned this coming offseason as a 2018 playoff contender.