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Time stamps for Matt Maiocco podcast with Steve Mariucci

The last coach before the depressing mediocrity of the 49ers was Maiocco’s latest guest

3rd Annual NFL Honors Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Matt Maiocco has put together the A-list of stars to hit his podcast. This time he’s gotten former San Francisco 49ers coach Steve Mariucci. That personality alone means this is a great listen, but there’s some good insight on his time with the Niners.

I’ve transcribed the interview below in case you want to hear specific parts, but like always, the interview is worth a listen. Maiocco begins with Mariucci, but there’s a sort of post-interview discussion with Jeff Garcia when the interview concludes.

1:42 - On not getting the full amount of years in his tenure
03:41 - Awkwardness between him and George Seifert when taking the 49ers job
5:05 - The sense of optimism in the 49ers current locker room
8:45 - Importance of the coach/general manager relationship/relationship with Dwight Clark
13:10 - Does he miss coaching?
16:15 - The future Jimmy Garoppolo and the 49ers QB position
18:46 - Should Bryant Young be a hall of famer?
24:50 - Should Terrell Owens be in the hall of fame?
29:05 - Coaching Jeff Garcia

Jeff Garcia Post-interview

31:30 - Playing under Mariucci
33:13 - The 2017 team reminiscent of Garcia’s first few 49ers teams
36:05 - What has Jimmy Garoppolo done to demonstrate he’s a franchise QB?
38:15 - Thoughts on Robert Saleh’s job as a defensive coordinator