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Better Rivals podcast: “A tide that lifts all boats.”

David and Oscar recap all you need to know about the 49ers second straight win and get you prepared to go streaking against the Titans.

On this week’s episode of the Better Rivals podcast, we’re going streaking! How has Jimmy Garoppolo managed to lift a 49ers offense that still has many flaws? (2:22) What did the Texans do defensively that played into Garoppolo’s hands? (8:42) And did Robert Saleh fail to give Dontae Johnson proper help on DeAndre Hopkins? (20:05) All that, plus Marquise Goodwin in the spotlight (36:19), Reuben Foster continuing to be ridiculous (40:47), and what to watch as the 49ers go for three straight against the Titans (50:09).

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