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Zane Beadles: It’s good to see the offense roll

Beadles who stepped in for injured Trent Brown spoke about what Garoppolo brings to the offense

The San Francisco 49ers offensive line has done a little shuffling around with starting right tackle Trent Brown going in and out of the line up as a result of a shoulder injury. With Brown sitting out or limited at practice, Zane Beadles was able to get some reps in preparation for the match up against the Texans. His work was cut out for him knowing he would be facing Texans defensive end Jadeveon Clowney.

When discussing his match up against Clowney, Beadles said, as in any game, he’d like a few plays back but over all it was a good day. When things appeared to get a little chippy between the two, Beadles chalked it up to normal football things, nothing out of the ordinary.

What also seemed business as usual was Beadles talking about starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. While explaining it’s good to see the offense roll and make much better progress, he says Garoppolo is someone who comes to work everyday like everyone else does. He does believe the more the team gets to play together, the better they will play.

When asked if Garoppolo’s ability to stand tall in the pocket and take a hit like C.J. Beathard garnered respect, Beadles replied that as an offensive lineman, you never want to let your qurterback get hit. However, he added that with Garoppolo, you know he is someone you can count on. Beadles mentioned that Garoppolo has been in the league for a while and had a “good player to study” when he was with the Patriots.

One more thing that Garoppolo brings with him to Santa Clara is his knowledge of how to win. Beadles added that with so many younger players on the roster it really is important to learn how to win. With his experience on good and bad teams, he sees things in Santa Clara headed in the right direction.