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Kyle Shanahan explains the boombox, and Breaking T has a t-shirt!

The San Francisco 49ers have been using a boombox in their pre-game and halftime walks to the field, and Kyle Shanahan offered some clarity on the decision during his Friday KNBR interview.

He said that the players were feeling like there was too much down time between leaving the locker room and going on the field for kickoff. They asked him if they could play some music, and he was down with that. He did not anticipate the huge boombox that resulted, but he’s down with it.

The 49ers have been using it since Week 10 against the New York Giants, and it has quickly become a thing. So much so that our partners Breaking T decided to put together a t-shirt. Here is a look at it, and you can buy it here. If you want to buy that one or the Jimmy SF t-shirt, Breaking T is offering free shipping today.