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Reuben Foster loves Cinnamon Toast Crunch ... like big time

Not my first choice, but everybody has their favorite cereal.

The saying “Have someone love you like X loves X” can often turn into an overused cliche. I’m plenty comfortable using it once again with Reuben Foster and his love for Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Chris Biderman got the video above (also here) after seeing Foster walking around the locker room with a bag of the cereal. Foster told him he usually has a big bowl and then a small bowl, and sometimes adds in another big bowl.

I eat oatmeal now instead of cereal, but Cheerios was my go-to cereal for a long time. When I was kid, I loved Lucky Charms and Trix. I think as I’ve gotten older and tried to be at least a little bit more responsible, I’ve tried to cut down on the processed sugar in my cereal. I might live longer, but it’s not nearly as fun!

What’s your favorite cereal, or just general breakfast of choice? During the week, I have oatmeal with blueberries and milk and a little bit of honey. On the weekend, I usually cook up eggs and potatoes with green peppers and onions. That’s become my go-to game-day breakfast of late.