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Kyle Juszczyk leads fullbacks in final Pro Bowl fan vote total

The 49ers’ fullback has had a good season and remains one of the top players at his position.

San Francisco 49ers v Chicago Bears Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The San Francisco 49ers haven’t fielded a competitive roster for much of the season, but they do have some good players. One of those players is fullback Kyle Juszczyk, who is probably on his way to another Pro Bowl in 2018. Fan voting for the next iteration of the game came to an end, and Juszczyk led all fullbacks by a healthy margin.

Juszczyk finished with 361,196 votes, well ahead of the top vote-getter at the position in the AFC, Tommy Bohanon of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Bohanon finished with 139,297 votes.

Fan voting accounts for one third of the votes required to send a player to the Pro Bowl, with NFL coaches and players accounting for the other two thirds. Juszczyk will likely make it to the Pro Bowl given the lack of big names at the position. He made it with the Baltimore Ravens a season ago.

Juszczyk is one of the top fullbacks in the league, though he hasn’t been without issues this season. He’s had a couple fumbles that have hurt him, but I think he’s looked great any time he gets involved in the offense, and has been a consistent blocker throughout the season. If anything, I think he’s underused. Perhaps that will change with Jimmy Garoppolo.

I didn’t get a release that includes the top 10 vote-getters at any given position, but the only other areas I feel the 49ers would have competed were at offensive tackle, where Tyron Smith of the Dallas Cowboys has that on lockdown. There’s also kicker, where Robbie Gould has been solid, but Greg Zuerlein of the surprisingly strong Los Angeles Rams is the leader at that position.