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Garrett Celek touchdown brings with it 49ers players celebrating ‘Celek Time’

It’s Celek Time!

The San Francisco 49ers extended their lead over the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, securing their first touchdown in the second quarter to take a 13-3 lead. Jimmy Garoppolo scrambled outside the pocket, and eventually found tight end Garrett Celek in the end zone.

It was a great play, and it was followed by a new celebration. Over the past month, the players have jokingly talked about “Celek Time” whenever Garrett Celek turns in a big play. He is known more as a blocker and not a guy who makes huge plays. He’s been stepping up big time the past five games, and that has players and coaches talking regularly about Celek Time.

On Sunday, following the touchdown, several offensive players were seeing pointing to their wrist to indicate it was Celek Time. The only way I could enjoy this more is if Jimmy Garoppolo walked to the line of scrimmage and pointed to his wrist to call a play for Celek.

Video of the touchdown is above, and below is a look at Celek Time.