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Watch Jimmy Garoppolo highlights from

But you just can’t watch them here...

Tennessee Titans v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images has been on the ball putting highlights together for the San Francisco 49ers games. They get some of the star players and put together an extensive and satisfying highlight reel for their contributions in a specific game.

Obviously, Jimmy G just showed the world some awesomeness going 31/43 (72.1 percent completion percentage), 381 yards, a passer rating of 106.8 and a QB Rating of 89.5.

For those of you who don’t know those numbers—that’s really, really good. He sits at a 66.6 completion percentage for 2017 and fans can’t be happier.

So let’s watch those highlights then, right? First of all, these highlights need music. Open this in a separate tab and crank your speakers up. Yep, there’s a new rule, when I show Jimmy Garoppolo highlights, that song must always play.

Ok, now go here. I’d embed the video, but as you know, the DMCA biscuits at the NFL don’t like us doing that, so head to that last link to get a look. Then come back here and discuss.

I think Ronnie Lott’s comments towards Joe Montana can be just as relevant when we are talking about Garoppolo:

“Who is this guy? I’m John Wayne. John Wayne never loses.”

Fooch’s update: If you just want to watch that final drive, here’s every play from it!