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Jeff Fisher wants to get back into NFL

Oh, please let this happen.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at San Francisco 49ers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams fired perpetually mediocre head coach Jeff Fisher last year, and now he is looking for another bite of the apple. Arizona radio personality Mike Jurecki is reporting that Fisher wants to get back into the NFL, with an eye on potential openings in Cleveland, Indianapolis, and Chicago.

After you get done laughing over this, I think I have figured out how to wrap up the 2017 NFL season in style. I see two ways to make this perfect. The first would be the Browns firing Hue Jackson and hiring Fisher. The second would be the Broncos firing Vance Joseph and John Elway then hiring Fisher. The Browns perpetual mediocrity is a good fit, while Elway’s stubbornness in the face of horrible drafting in recent years makes that another good fit.

I do not expect Fisher to get back into the NFL this coming year, but we can at least laugh about the notion that he might get another chance after how awful he was with the Rams.