What could've been if we had Jimmy G from Week 1, and why I'm excited for next year.

This may be an overreaction to the last 3 weeks but hear me out, my logic is sound... ish. The 49ers now sit at 4-10 and are looking like a different team than the one that lost 9 in a row. What I pose to you is that if we had Jimmy G from the offseason, not only would the 49ers be in a playoff push, but would actually sit atop the NFC West.

The main part of this is the 5 games in a row that the 49ers lost by 3 points or more. I say that having Jimmy G over Hoyer/Beathard is worth an more than 3 points extra in each of those games. Now if we had won those 5, not only would we be sat at 9-5, but as 2 of those games were versus the Rams and Seahawks, the division would now look like this:

1. 49ers - 9-5

2. Rams - 9-5

3. Seahawks - 7-7

4. Cardinals - 3-11

And of course the tie breaker with the Rams would put us top of the division, in a very good place for the playoffs considering the 49ers, finish the season against the Rams. I know it may seem crazy considering the injury situation and the holes elsewhere in the team, and there is also no guarantee we would've won those 5 games with Jimmy G, but if anything it gives me a lot of optimism, going into next year, that we actually aren't that far off, and with a good draft spot and the word that we have suddenly become a good free agency destination(especially for WR, which is a real need), we could be a real contender in what will likely be a tough NFC West division.

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