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How about 11 minutes of Jimmy Garoppolo mic’d up?

The 49ers and NFL Films put together all sorts of mic’d up Jimmy G.

The San Francisco 49ers and quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo are emerging on everybody’s radar, and it is resulting in some extra media coverage. The 49ers and NFL Films mic’d up Garoppolo this past Sunday against the Tennessee Titans, and there is all sorts of good stuff.

The video above is from the NFL Network show Turning Point. You can also watch the video here. It focuses exclusively on the game-winning drive. You can also check out this mic’d up segment produced by the 49ers Studio crew. It covers the entire game, so we get more than just that game-winning drive.

Finally, the Showtime program Inside The NFL offered up some of the video. This was probably my favorite segment because it shows very specific examples of Jimmy G providing serious leadership. I love this stuff!