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Better Rivals podcast: “HOSS.”

David and Oscar go full Gucci Garop after the 49ers’ third consecutive win and get you ready for a tough matchup with the Jaguars.

On this week’s episode of the Better Rivals, Gucci Garop propels the 49ers to three straight wins for the first time since 2014! What staple Patriots concept did Garoppolo and the 49ers use to kickstart the game-winning drive? (1:52) How did the Titans manage to bother Garoppolo in the pocket so frequently? (11:01) And which matchups were key in the 49ers doing just enough defensively to come away with the win? (26:10) All that, plus our first repeat Spotlight Player of the Week (37:47), San Francisco gets a Pro Bowler (42:39), and what to watch this week against the Jaguars (50:29)?

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