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George Kittle agrees that Die Hard is a Christmas movie

Friend of the site and occasional NN Facebook Live personality Tracy Sandler recently sat down with George Kittle and Trent Taylor to run through five fun facts. It featured cameos by Reuben Foster and Jimmy Garoppolo, and as always is a fun watch.

You can watch the entire video here, but I wanted to pull out the segment above. In it, Tracy asks Kittle, Foster, and Taylor their favorite Christmas movie. This is an oft-discussed debate on the Internet and beyond. Kittle nailed it though when he picked Die Hard.

There has been a long-time discussion as to whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie. I use the term “discussion” because I don’t think there is really any debate. Die Hard is indeed a Christmas movie. Maybe not what you’d consider a traditional Christmas movie, but it’s got everything a Christmas movie needs. There’s a Santa outfit, presents, and all sorts of Christmas music and carols.

If I had to pick my favorite Christmas movie, that would be high up there, as would Christmas Vacation, Scrooged, Home Alone, and The Santa Clause. A lot of people love Elf, but I was sort of meh about that. I think there’s an argument for Gremlins, and I’m a big fan of that one as well. What are y’alls favorites?