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Josh McCown is a fan of Jimmy Garoppolo

But who isn’t, really?

Los Angeles Chargers v New York Jets Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Everybody is catching the Jimmy Garoppolo fever. It’s not a serious illness, with its most debilitating effect being the propensity to swoon at random intervals. You can count New York Jets quarterback Josh McCown among those who think Garoppolo has what it takes.

Former NFL wide receiver Andrew Hawkins took to Twitter a few days ago to post on a thing that McCown told him “over a year ago” regarding Garoppolo.

“If you don’t trust anything from me ever again Hawk, do yourself a favor and go watch film on Jimmy Garoppolo, because that dude is gonna be the next star quarterback in this league,” McCown said, according to Hawkins.

That Tweet got a lot of traction, and not long after it was posted, McCown himself took to Twitter to give it a response. That response was a simple one, and a glowing endorsement of his endorsement of Garoppolo. It’s really beautiful in its simplicity, actually.

Everybody on that Garoppolo train.