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49ers need to extend Goodwin this offseason

Year one of two and already a proven asset. 49ers need to lock him up.

Tennessee Titans v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Garoppolo may be the person that the breaks the bank for the San Francisco 49ers, but the other person who needs to get inked for a few more years is 49ers wide receiver Marquise Goodwin. Coming to San Francisco, Goodwin’s best season was with the Buffalo Bills for 431 yards. In San Francisco he’s sitting at 897 yards and a chance go go for 1,000 if he gets the ball enough against the Los Angeles Rams.

This, mind you has been because he’s become Garoppolo’s security blanket; his go-to guy on 3rd down. All of this is possible because the 49ers lost Pierre Garcon to injury.

During the Jaguars game, it was evident that the Jaguars defense had him locked down. Only getting 37 yards on Sunday despite a handful of targets. If the 49ers had a legitimate number 1 receiver would those numbers have been ballooned again?

The answer is yes. Goodwin is on year one of a two-year deal. He’s got the speed, he’s actually catching the ball, and once the 49ers can get defenses back off him (with a No. 1), he’ll have the ability to put out a one-two punch with Jimmy Garoppolo’s arm. If the 49ers wait until the 2019 offseason, Goodwin may not come cheap. If he continues this high level of play, he’s definitely going to get paid.

So the question becomes, does John Lynch restructure and work out an extension this offseason to save some money? The wildcard is Trent Taylor, who could take Goodwin’s job in a couple of years if he keeps up development (and may come cheaper). Even with Taylor, Goodwin has carved out a spot on the 49ers that can definitely go longer than the two years written into his deal. I’d hate to see where the 49ers would be this season if they didn’t have Goodwin.

Would you extend Goodwin this offseason? For how long?