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Kyle Shanahan gives Jumanji five stars

The 49ers took Christmas day off so the Shanahans went to the movies

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at San Francisco 49ers Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers used their standard 24 hour rule to celebrate their victory over the Jaguars and went to back to work on the 26th. Coincidentally the team got to enjoy Christmas as their day after the win with their families and had a full day off. Head coach Kyle Shanahan spoke to local media on Tuesday for a recap of Sunday as well as a look ahead to the Rams. The workaholic coach admitted he actually took a day off to spend with the family to open presents and go see Jumanji.

No, we all got the day off. It timed out perfect. It was nice. Got to stay at home and open presents and took the kids to see Jumanji. We had a good day.”

While this normally wouldn’t be on most people’s radar, it’s nice to see that Shanahan has balance to his life with a little off time. It also probably doesn’t hurt that the team has won five of their last six games. (yes, you read that correctly)

When asked how many stars he would give the film, Shanahan replied, “Whatever really good is. Is that five stars? I liked it. I thought it was really funny.” I’m sure the Rock, Jack Black and Kevin Hart will be very pleased. Jumanji is now also on my watch list. Give us your reviews in the comments!