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Tarik Cohen makes a ridiculous punt return for a touchdown

The 49ers were doing well against punt returns. This is not a good example.

The San Francisco 49ers entered Week 13 leading the NFL in allowing the fewest yards per punt return. In fact, their total was the lowest since the Atlanta Falcons in 2008. It is not longer the lowest.

Chicago Bears running back Tarik Cohen serves as their punt returner, and he just turned what could have been a huge loss into a ridiculous touchdown return. Cohen caught the punt and cut back, then cut even further back in what looked like an atrocious decision. Instead, he ran the 49ers in circles, and proceeded to turn it into a 61-yard touchdown return.

Here is a GIF of the play, and I can’t even begin to count the real total yardage on Cohen’s return. he had to have run 20 or 30 yards, if not more in attempting to make something happen. Talk about an embarrassing return to allow. The 49ers have done a great job in coverage, but this felt like some Three Stooges stuff.